Rental application

You can fill out a rental application form here (the application is in Finnish). Tenants are selected based on their needs assessment. Priority is given to applicants who most urgently need an apartment; who have the most limited means and who have the lowest incomes. The personnel who handle the applications assign a priority level to each application and verify the applicant’s credit information (Suomen Asiakastieto Oy). However, payment defaults will not prevent you from obtaining a rental apartment from us.
Your application is active for three months. You can renew your application by calling us on 019 355 808 or by sending an e-mail to:

Our website

You can find more information about apartments, forms, contact information, etc. on our website

Tenancy agreement

After you have paid your security deposit, you will sign a tenancy agreement form. If you have unpaid debts with us, we cannot sign a tenancy agreement until all liabilities have been paid.

The security deposit could be for one to three months depending on the applicant’s credit information.

Internal housing application

If you are already having a rental apartment with us, you may have the possibility to change the apartment if your life situation changes in any of the following ways:

  • health reasons (e.g. needing an apartment with a lift or ramp instead of stairs)
  • economic reasons (e.g. too high rental costs compared to income)
  • social or other strong arguments
  • members of family have changed.

Ending a tenancy agreement

Please note the following steps to end the tenancy agreement

  • the notice of ending must be sent in written form
  • Lohjan Vuokra-asunnot must receive your notice in time
  • the notice period is one calendar month. The end date of your tenancy is the last day of your rental month. (e.g. if the end date is on 12.2., the agreement will end on 31.3.)

At the end of the tenancy, the tenant must leave the premises, as far as possible, in the same condition as they were in at the start of the tenancy.

The tenant is responsible to pay Lohjan Vuokra-asunnot Oy for all damages to the apartment caused by the tenant.

The security deposit will be returned when the keys have been handed over and Lohjan Vuokra-asunnot has checked and approved that the apartment is in acceptable condition.

Moving house

Rental dwelling

Waste sorting and recycling